Abdominal Swelling Treatment

Abdominal Swelling Treatment

Many people end up with abdominal swelling. This is a problem seen in people who are bound to their beds due to a physical condition or health problem, and also in people who lead a sedentary life. However, at times, even healthy and active people can get abdominal swelling and there are many reasons for it. Invariably abdominal swelling treatment depends on the cause of the swelling.

At times, the swelling of the abdomen can occur severely and at once, and at other times, the swelling occurs over a period of time. The swelling can be accompanied with pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, cramps, fever, constipation or swelling of the leg. Hence, it is best to consult a doctor when you get swelling of the abdomen. He or she would be the best person to do tell you what is the problem and recommend a course of treatment for the problem.

Some of the common causes for swelling of the abdomen include distension due to ingestion of air or presence of gas in the stomach, bloating because of fluids, distension because the internal organs in the abdomen have enlarged, and swelling on account of thickening of the abdominal wall.

The doctor will first conduct a thorough physical exam and may order tests to be done. Based on the physical exam and tests, a cause for the swelling will be determined. It is only then that the doctor will recommend a form of treatment for the swelling of the abdomen. At times, the treatment can be as simple as doing exercise regularly to alleviate flatulence and gas that is present in the abdomen. At other times, it could involve giving the person medications or doing a surgery to rectify a problem, like an intestinal obstruction, in the abdomen.

If a person has gas, which is the reason for the swelling, and this is not due to an obstruction, then the doctor may recommend a colon cleanser to get rid of the stools that may have got impacted. In case the gas is causing the swelling and this is due to problems with the bowel movements, then the doctor may prescribe a laxative to get the bowel movements going. In addition, the person will be advised to consume a healthy fibrous diet to alleviate constipation and also do regular exercise.

However, if there is a more serious problem like obstruction of the bowel, then abdominal swelling treatment will be in the form of a surgery. In case the swelling is due to fluid accumulating in the abdomen, then the abdominal swelling treatment could be dialysis, kidney transplant, liver transplant, removing the peritoneal fluids, or replacing the necessary proteins.

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Abdominal Swelling Treatment