Treatment For Tingling Arm

Treatment For Tingling Arm

One of the most common and non serious causes of tingling in the arm is sleeping with the pressure of the entire body exerted on the arm. Such a posture restricts the flow of blood to the arms, which in turn causes the tingling sensation along with other signs such as numbness and pain. However, there could be relatively more serious issues causing the tingling sensation in the arm.

One of them is the carpal tunnel syndrome. This medical condition commences with tingling in the fingers especially in the thumb, index and middle fingers but gradually the sensation spreads throughout the entire hands and arms. Carpal tunnel syndrome results from strain caused to the wrist nerve that could be owing to extreme pressure on the wrist.

The thoracic outlet syndrome is another medical condition that is characterized by the presence of strained nerve and artery located beneath the collarbone resulting in tingling in the arm. The condition gets especially aggravated when the patient attempts to move the hands above the shoulder level. Any damage or swelling in the arteries tends to restrict the flow of appropriate quantity of blood to the body parts causing tingling in areas like the arms and hands. This condition is referred to as polyarteritis nodosa.

The development of the arachnoid cyst could be another reason for tingling in the arms and hands. Such a cyst is filled with fluid and shows its presence at the base of the brain; thereby disrupting the normal working of the brain and spinal cord. Tingling felt especially in the lower segment of the arms is believed to be associated with acroparesthesia syndrome. This condition is particularly common amongst women in the middle age bracket.

Diabetic patients also often experience tingling in their arms and legs owing to the negative impact of the disease on the nerve fibers. One of the most alarming reasons for tingling in the arms could be occurrence of heart attack. In such cases, the sensation is usually accompanied by extreme chest pain, breathing problems and perspiration. When clubbed with signs like severe headache, blurred vision and slurring of speech, the tingling in hands and arms could also signify a stroke. Some of the other causes of tingling in the arms include thyroid disorders, vitamin deficiency, multiple sclerosis, fracture in the shoulder blade, and panic attacks.

The line of treatment administered for this problem depends upon the fundamental cause for the same. Therefore, doctors first conduct various investigations involving physical examination, X-rays, MRI and CT scan to assess the underlying cause of the problem. While the diagnosis is being carried out, the patient is generally advised to refrain from indulging in any form of vigorous activity like swimming, tennis, bowling, typing, writing, and playing piano so as to minimize the pressure exerted in the area. In cases of diabetes, patients are advised to keep a check on their blood sugar levels; while vitamin supplements arte prescribed for those suffering from vitamin deficiencies.

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Treatment For Tingling Arm