What Causes A Tingling Sensation In The Left Arm

What Causes A Tingling Sensation In The Left Arm ?

A tingling sensation is characterized by the presence of feelings such as pricking, burning and numbness. The scientific term, paresthesia encompasses all these sensations. Although many a times the reasons for experiencing tingling in the left arm could be minor issues that can be treated easily; at times the cause could be associated with a life threatening condition as well. Therefore, one must never ignore such symptoms and consult a physician so as to diagnose the valid cause for the problem.

The symptom of tingling in the left arm when accompanied by other signs like pain in your jaw and chest could be a sign of heart attack. In such circumstances, immediate medical assistance must be given to the patient to avoid any risk to life. Another medical condition correlated with tingling in the left arm is a stroke. This health condition is triggered by inadequate blood supply to the brain that in turn hampers its normal functioning. Another cause of the problem could be the carpal tunnel syndrome. This medical condition commences with tingling in the fingers especially in the thumb, index and middle fingers but gradually the sensation spreads throughout the entire hands and arms. Carpal tunnel syndrome results from strain caused to the wrist nerve that could be owing to extreme pressure on the wrist.

When the arm is subjected to excessive stress resulting in fatigue, the condition may be accompanied by tingling and numbness in the arm as well. Disruption in blood circulation caused by wearing extremely tight clothes or jewelry on the arms; or sleeping in a wrong posture could also result in paresthesia. Problems linked to the spine such as bulging disc, dislocated or ruptured vertebra in the neck, damaged or strained nerve in neck could also be potential causes of tingling in the left arm. Even problems associated with the vascular system could trigger disruption in the flow of fluids through the limbs; thereby leading to tingling in the left arm.

In general, a tingling sensation caused due to lesser serious issues can be resolved easily by the repetitive clenching and unclenching of the fist or moving the elbow several times. This action helps in restoring normal blood flow, which in turn rectifies the problem. However, if the sensation continues it would be prudent to seek medical assistance and undergo proper diagnosis with the aid of tests such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computerized Axial Tomography (CAT) scan or Electrocardiogram (ECG) so that treatment may be administered at the earliest.

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What Causes A Tingling Sensation In The Left Arm