Muscle Weakness After Exercise  

There are some people that complain of muscle weakness after exercise. There are many factors that have to be taken into consideration before treating or preventing this kind of weakness in the muscles. Usually, muscle weakness after exercise is not a serious issue and gets okay after resting. However, if the weakness does not go away after resting, then the person should consult a doctor.

Muscle weakness after exercise can occur due to muscular dystrophy. However, in this condition, the person will also suffer from twitching of the muscles. Overdoing the exercises can result in muscle weakness. When a person suffers from low levels of sodium in the body, some kind of sickness or anemia, the person may have muscle weakness. Multiple sclerosis and Addison's disease can also cause muscle weakness.

There is one health condition that leads to muscle weakness in the arms. The weakness in this condition is noticeable before, during and after exercising. This condition is called Lou Gehrig's disease. However, along with the muscle weakness, a person will also suffer from slurring of speech. Usually, the weakness spreads from the arms to the legs and often the person will find it completely unbearable to do any kind of exercise, even lifting of the legs. As the condition worsens, the facial muscles are affected and then the tongue, and torso.

Usually muscle weakness after exercise is not something to worry about if it goes away with rest. However, if the weakness persists, it is best to have a check up done.

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Muscle Weakness After Exercise




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