Apple Juice And Newborn Constipation  

Constipation in a newborn is difficult to ascertain. Different infants show different signs of passing stools. Some are quite regular, while others might not pass anything for a few days continuously. Again, if the infant is not passing stools for many days, it does not imply that the infant is suffering from constipation. What is more important to notice is the quality and of stool. Even if the infant is passing stool after a considerable gap, but his stool appears to be soft and infant is comfortable with the motion, then such condition cannot be considered as constipation.

However, it might happen that the newborn is passing stool regularly, but it is hard like small pebbles and infant is experiencing difficulty with the motion, such condition is constipation.

Once you are affirmed that infant is experiencing constipation, the first thing you need to check is the diet. If you are bottle feeding, then see that the formula is prepared correctly. You may add some more water to dilute it so that some relief can be given. If the problem still persists, then without delaying you should seek a doctor’s advice. Those mothers who are breastfeeding their babies need to check their diet too. Remember, what you eat would affect your baby too. So, keep your diet in such a manner that constipation can be avoided.

Suppose the infant has crossed six months, then in such instances if the baby is suffering from constipation, you must feed the baby with adequate amounts of drinking water. One of the best ways to treat constipation in babies above six months of age is to give them concentrated apple juice, approximately two ounces. This would certainly give some amount of relief. But remember, do not give the mashed apple or boiled apple. Just stick to juice only. The juice contains sugar and fluid which help in relieving constipation. However, the fruit has pectin, which further causes the stool to become hard and firm.

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Apple Juice And Newborn Constipation




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