Best Baby Formula For Constipation  

An alteration in a newborn's diet will either cause constipation or diarrhea. The common occurrence is constipation. However, with breastfed babies constipation is not found frequently. It is the formula fed babies who suffer from constipation quite often. Also, when the baby is shifted from breastfeeding to formula, constipation might be experienced. When the formula brand is changed or introduced for the first time, constipation could occur. Therefore, it is advisable to check which brand formula best suits a baby. You must find out which one works best for your baby’s digestive system.

A baby’s formula milk is the main culprit for causing constipation. Check out if it is cow milk based. If so, then the problem could be more. If the cow based formula milk is causing constipation, then you should better revert to a soy-based formula. Having done that, observe your baby’s stools for a few more days. If the problem persists, then the trouble lies somewhere else. Some believe that by lowering the iron content in the milk it will help in relieving constipation. However, this is not the case. Lower doses of iron will compromise on overall health.

Even after altering various formulae milk, if the baby’s condition is not improving, then you have try to some other home based and natural remedies that will ease the baby’s problem. Giving juices in bottle will help. You can try giving just a few ounces of either prune juice or orange juice. Even the apple juice can do wonders. But remember, do not give the fruit in any manner as that will cause further constipation. Just give plain concentrated juice. However, it is recommended that you should take consent from the pediatrician before trying out these remedies.

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Best Baby Formula For Constipation




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