Can Sugar Water Help Constipation ?  

Remember, constipation is just a symptom and not a disease. However, if not treated carefully and immediately, it can give rise to many serious digestive diseases. People in general believe that if they do not pass stools each day regularly, they are constipated. It is not true. If someone is passing stools at least three times in a week, it is absolutely normal. Also, if the frequency of stools is thrice in a day, it is normal.

Problem occurs when bowel movements become increasingly irregular amounting to more than a week without any passing of stool. This is, of course, a matter of concern. A constipated person will pass stools that are too hard, dry and extremely painful causing tearing of inside tissue of the rectum.

Constipation is something that is experienced by each one of us at some pint of time in our life time. Constipation in a newborn is a regular occurrence. Giving them sugar water from the day one helps in eliminating this problem. One should be, however, very careful while preparing the sugar water. To prepare the sugar water for the baby, you need to mix one tablespoon of sugar in four ounces of distilled water. This water should be administered once a day. The sugar helps in pulling water into the stools making it little soft, so that the movement becomes comfortable. Therefore, sugar water is quite useful for babies when it comes to eliminating constipation.

Sugar water is equally helpful for children and adults. For adults, the quantity required is more. One can prepare a sugar solution by mixing one table spoon of sugar in one ounce of boiling water. One must consume around eight ounces of this solution three times a day.

While giving sugar water to babies or adults, the solution must be allowed to cool properly. Instead of plain sugar for adults, even brown sugar is quite helpful.

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Can Sugar Water Help Constipation




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