Foods To Alleviate Constipation  

Just few simple alterations in your daily diet can help a lot in relieving constipation. The main cause of constipation could be absence of fiber in your daily diet. In today's modern diet, where time is a constraint, people tend to depend a lot on readymade and easy to prepare foods. These food items usually lack enough fiber giving rise to the most common problem of the digestive system -- constipation.

We get so busy with our work schedules that we find packaged and fast food very easy to come across and consume and then do not realize that these are meant just to reduce hunger and these do not do any good to our digestive system. Therefore, the first thing to be careful about is to stick to a healthy meal. Your meal should possess adequate amount of fibers and all essential nutrients.

The current trend is switching back to the fiber rich food which has two advantages. One, in making the bowel movements smooth, and the other is to avert occurrence of hemorrhoids and minimizing blood cholesterol levels. Dietary fibers are obtained naturally from various parts of plants which remain undigested in the intestinal tract. This undigested fiber helps in binding water to the undigested food, thereby turning the stools soft and bulky. Such stools is easier to excrete.

Most of the natural occurring foods have fiber, but there are some which posses more fiber content as compared to others. The food items that have rich fiber content are raspberries, strawberries, rye, green beans, whole apple, grounded whole wheat, walnuts peanuts, turnips and broccoli. By including lots of fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet you can get relief from the recurring problem of constipation.

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Foods To Alleviate Constipation




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