What Causes Dizziness With Nausea ?  

Human beings are bestowed with the ability to maintain their body balance and control the position of their heads and the body movements, owing to the effective working of the vestibular system. Medically speaking, the condition of dizziness arises due to the disruption in the working of the nerves and the vestibular system. Practically, dizziness makes the individual feel light headed with the feeling of twirling surroundings. Additionally, the patient’s posture seems unstable and he or she feels nauseous.

A combined symptom of dizziness and nausea could be a consequence of several medical conditions such as migraine, Meniere’s disease, swelling in the ears, acoustic neuroma, tobacco smoking, stress, anemia, depression, nervousness, gastroenteritis, irritable bowel syndrome, presence of stones in the kidneys, failure of the kidney, heartburn, brain tumor, cancer, HIV and Addison's disease. Many experience dizziness early in the morning due to a rapid change in the position of the head. As a result of this quick action, the crystals of calcium carbonate present within the ears invade the ear canals, triggering off the ear sensors.

An attack of vertigo cannot be labeled as a disease. However, it could certainly be an indication of an underlying health disorder. Although there is availability of several over-the-counter medications that can help with dizziness and nausea, it would be prudent to ascertain the precise cause for experiencing these symptoms. In case, you are suffering from a kidney or heart disorder, such medicines would only help you gain relieve momentarily and will reoccur again until you treat the root cause of the problem.

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What Causes Dizziness With Nausea




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