Steps To Rebuilding Credit  

Credit scores are the most important way of assessing the credit repayment capability of a client. People with good credit reports get the best deals and low interest rates.

The story is a little bit different for customers with bad credit. One can find the interest rates, penalties, and charges exceptionally higher for such customers in return for low credit limit. However, this situation can be improved by rebuilding credit over a period of time.

Listed below are some important steps to rebuilding credit.

  1. The foremost important step is to have a copy of your credit report. This can be obtained from any of the three major credit bureaus. Credit bureaus mostly obtain their information from the creditors.  
  2. It is important to clean the credit card report. In several cases, the information represented in the credit report is true. In certain exceptional cases, credit bureaus issue higher credit scores due to lack of credit information of the customer. Also, there are certain exceptions that should not be reported in the credit report legally such as credit inquiries that are older than 2 years, bankruptcies older than 10 years and criminal records that are older than seven years. Any incorrect information should be immediately reported to the credit bureaus in writing. This helps in repairing the credit score.
  3. Next important step to rebuilding credit is to pay all the bills on time and improve payment history. All debts should be cleared on a timely basis. This information should be made available to the credit bureau.
  4. Another way of rebuilding credit is usage of credit cards. One can simply make small purchases and pay off the credit immediately so as to avoid interest charges. This strategy can be followed every month. Bulk purchases will increase the burden.

One important method of improving credit is usage of prepaid cards. In this case, a fixed amount of money is deposited into credit account and this money is utilized for making purchases using your prepaid credit card.

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Steps To Rebuilding Credit






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