Where Can I Get My Fico Credit Score ?  

Credit score are defined as the number which represents the statistical analysis of one’s credit reports. This is to ensure the creditworthiness of the individual. This is done on the basis of credit file information which can be sourced from credit bureaus like TransUnion, Experian and Equifax.

The Fair Isaac Corp. was the first to use a system of credit scoring. Thus, FICO scores share a lot of similarities with credit scores. This numerical value is assigned on the basis of debts paid on time and how much debt is paid.

One should keep frequent tabs on their credit scores. This helps to sort out any discrepancies in the reports that are filed and helps to improve one’s credit scores. There are many ways to finding out one’s FICO score. If one hunts deep enough, one may even find ways that are absolutely free. Apart from going down to the main FICO office and pulling files from there, one can also search the internet. The internet is actually a very good place to start searching. Invariably one will stumble across a site which allows one to see one’s FICO score and at no cost.

One can submit an application for obtaining an initial plan, reports, and scores for free. Another site one can consider is www.myfico.com. This site is especially for TransUnion and Equifax. One can also visit www.equifax.com specifically for Equifax generated scores. Experian as a credit bureau does not allow people to access their scores. The only means to see one’s score then is to apply for an auto loan or a mortgage. The FDIC urges debtors to browse through www.annualcredit.com only to access and monitor their credit reports and score.

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Where Can I Get My Fico Credit Score




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Where Can I Get My Fico Credit Score ? )
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