What Are Index Funds ?  

            Index fund is a type of mutual fund or a unit investment trust (UIT). The main object of an index fund is achieve approximately the same return as a particular market index, like S&P 500 Composite Stock Price Index, Wilshire 5000 Total Market Index or Russell 2000 Index.

        The way an index fund achieves it object is by investing in securities (bonds and/or stocks) of companies that are included in pre-selected indexes. Sometimes, these fund use derivatives like options or futures to meet their investment object.

         Index funds are managed more passively compared to management of non-index funds. The reason behind this is very simple. The index fund manager has to track just fixed index of securities, which results in less trading of the fund’s portfolio resulting in lower capital gains and lower fees and associated expenses when compared to actively managed funds.

         Before investing in an index fund, it is always advisable to research all the possible information on the fund. In addition, you should also read the prospectus of the fund and the latest shareholder report. A fund that performs well consistently will continue to do so, though it is not a guarantee of performance. However, it can be concluded that a fund that consistently performs badly will continue to perform badly, and hence, it should be avoided.                                                                                 

          Index funds are perfect for investors who like to buy and hold. This method allows the investment to grow gradually and steadily rather than moving in and out of the market with an effort to beat the market. In addition, expense ratio of index funds are low compared to those of actively managed funds.

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