Checklist for Mortgage Fraud  

     Mortgage fraud refers to any action which misrepresents information in order to obtain a mortgage loan. Other words, if you lie on your home loan application, you commit a mortgage fraud. Technically, even if you make tiny whit white lies, it still constitute as a fraud. Some unscrupulous real estate brokers may tell you that it is no big deal to exaggerate here and there.


    The truth is it is a big deal. The consequence of lying on your mortgage application is serious. The lender may immediately demand full payment of the loan. In addition, you may face prison time or pay six figure fines. The smartest thing to do is to “Never lie on your home loan application.”

Employment and Income Fraud: Some home borrowers claim that they are self-employed, and overstate their income to qualify for a larger loan. This is called, “stated income”. Originally, stated income was designed for self-employed people whose income is hard to verify.

Occupancy Fraud: Borrower may buy the house for the purpose of investment and lie on the loan application that they will live in house as their primary home. The goal is to get a lower interest rate.

Falsifying liabilities: Concealing debt and obligations to acquire higher loan amount is illegal. Therefore, if you have credit card debt or other mortgage loans, don’t neglect to put it down your application.

Appraisal Fraud: You can get more money for the home loan, if a home’s appraised value is overstated. But, it is obviously illegal. Don’t try to alter an appraisal or deliberately hire a dishonest appraiser.

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Checklist for Mortgage Fraud




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