Calculate Income Tax Return Estimate  

      As the last date (April 15) for filing tax returns approaches, you find more and more people scrambling around looking for a way to calculate income tax return. Unfortunately, this has to be done in order to file the correct taxes with the IRS.

      It has been seen that one of the easiest ways to calculate income tax return estimates is to make use of the tax calculator on the IRS’s website. Although many people genuinely hate the IRS but the fact is that they have become more approachable and friendly. And, the calculator is one way of making things easy for taxpayers.

      Similar to the tax calculator on the IRS website, there are many other websites on the Internet that have calculators which help you calculate income tax return estimates. Most of these calculators follow the same procedure where you would have to enter details of your taxable income along with deductions and expenses to get an estimate. The results from these calculators help people fill in their tax return forms.

      To use the tax calculator on the IRS website, there are certain tips that make the calculator rather easy to use:

  • Have your recent pay stub at hand
  • Have the last income tax return handy
  • Fill in all the information that is relevant to your particular situation
  • If necessary, estimate values. The income tax return estimate will as accurate as the figures you provide
  • If you have a query, you can take a look at the FAQ and other information links on the website
  • Once you get the income tax return estimate, print it out and use the same to fill in your income tax form or just keep the information for your records

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Calculate Income Tax Return Estimate




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