Income Tax Exemption For Legally Blind Persons  

       A legally blind person is the US is one whose visual acuity is 20/200 or less in the better eye with corrective lens. A person is considered legally blind if his widest diameter of visual field is not greater than 20 degrees.

      Many states have income tax exemption for legally blind persons. However, most states mandate that the eye care provider reports all cases of legal blindness within 30 days of checking and certifying the cases. The cases have to be reported to the Commission of the Blind. Once the case is reported, the Commission will review the report to determine whether the person is legally blind. If yes, then the person and the eye care provider are informed.

       To avail income tax exemption a legally blind person must have a certificate of legal blindness from the Commission of the Blind. Legally blind persons are entitled to both federal and state income tax exemptions and deductions. However, when filing tax returns, the certificate and/or other medical evidence has to be submitted for the purpose of verification.

       Legally blind persons are also eligible for excise tax exemption if a vehicle is registered on the person’s name. You need a current certificate of legal blindness to qualify for this exemption and it has to be submitted at the local tax department.

        For more information on income tax exemption for legally blind persons, you should contact your local tax department. They will give you correct and complete information. Or else, you can ask you tax accountant to give you the details.

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Income Tax Exemption For Legally Blind Persons




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Income Tax Exemption For Legally Blind Persons )
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