How Does Global Warming Effect The Weather

          Global warming and the resulting climate change is a threat to mankind. These impacts have been adversely affecting public health, food security, agriculture, water resources and most importantly the planet’s biodiversity. More frequent and powerful cyclones and hurricanes, more frequent and intense floods and droughts are clear indications that climate change has already begun.

          Apart from extreme weather conditions, global warming is also responsible for causing global glacier decline, sea level rise, scarcity of freshwater resources and threatens human health. Even the ecosystems and species are in peril.

          The potential impacts of global warming on global weather patterns are explained below:

  • Extreme weathers and weather related events such as flooding, drought, wild fires, heat waves, and tropical cyclones are expected to occur even more frequently and to become even more intense. This will definitely result in serious consequences for human health and well being of living creatures.
  • Extreme and rapid changes in temperature would affect the length of various seasons, causing disruption in the life cycles of many plants and animals. For instance, shorter winters could reduce the feeding periods for young birds and availability of worms or insects for food. A change in length of seasons is also responsible for earlier egg laying in birds and earlier flowering of plants than usual. Even there are some mammals which are breaking their hibernation sooner than usual.
  • More frequent droughts and floods would adversely affect local food production. Mountainous regions would face an increased risk of floods caused by melting glaciers and this would subsequently affect the health, agriculture and water availability for the people residing over these mountainous regions.

          Heat waves, frequent cyclones and floods, prolonged periods of drought, food scarcity…. The list is endless. Climate change is indeed sounding the death knell! Nations must therefore develop effective responses and mechanisms to cope with the potential threats from climate change.

How Does Global Warming Effect The Weather






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