Health Care As A Right Or A Privilege

Health Care As A Right Or A Privilege       Health care is one of the most important aspects in building or breaking a particular nation and its economy. If you were wondering what health has to do with the welfare of a country, it is important for you to note that the healthier a population, the better the work output resulting in a better financial status of the individual and the family. This atomically translates into a better economic status of the country. More...


How Do I Register To Vote ?       In the US, it is not possible for a person to cast his or her ballot till they register to vote. If you are wondering how do you register to vote, then read. You will realize that majority have states have made the registration process quite easy for people as they want eligible US citizens to actively be a part of the democratic electoral process. While the process of registering in the various states is the same, there could be slight differences. Nonetheless, the following will give you the details on how to register for voting in the US. More..


Examples Of Human Rights Violations

Examples Of Human Rights Violations

Be it civil liberties, right to safety, political rights or right to life, all humans are entitled to these human rights without any discrimination. In order to ensure that human rights are not violated, governments and non-governmental organizations have to make sure that people in a particular jurisdiction are treated in a just and humane manner, regardless of their social status and education. And, when people are not allowed to exercise their basic human rights, then their human rights are being violated. More...



Conditions For Filing Chapter Thirteen Bankruptcy

Conditions For Filing Chapter Thirteen Bankruptcy     Bankruptcy can be termed as a legal process of debt clearance filed in a court of law when the debtor is unable to pay back his debts due to financial obligations. Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing, also called as reorganization bankruptcy, is usually filed by debtors who are willing to pay back their debts through monthly installments. More...



Contract Law And Changing Effective Date Of An Agreement

Contract Law And Changing Effective Date Of An Agreement

There are many factors which can alter the effectiveness of the Contract Law. The Uniform Commercial Code has become an effective standard of agreement in the United States with regard to transactions that involve sale of goods in the country. This code, also known as UCC, has been accepted to propagate the conjunctive effort of bringing together sales law, and other monetary transactions across all the states of the country.More...






Limitations To Free Speech      People have a right to express their views and thoughts publicly and privately. The First Amendment in particular deals with this issue where it declares that citizens have a right to express their religion, experience their freedom of speech and press. There is very thin line between using this freedom to express one’s views and misusing the same freedom to create hatred and animosity in the society. More..






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