Constitutional Law And Privileges And Immunities  

The Fourteenth Amendment and Article IV dispel information about the Privileges and Immunities. This clause applies to only the citizens of the country, and not to aliens, immigrants and corporations who are not considered citizens of the country.

The clause proposes that all citizens in every state are entitled to certain privileges and immunities. The sole purpose or the existence of such a clause is for the unification of the otherwise independent states, and for citizens to feel safe and secure in all parts of the country regardless of the state a citizen lives in. It protects those citizens who pledged allegiance to the United States, and also protects them from discrimination in other states.

While different states may have different state laws, they cannot infringe or take away certain privilege and immunities from the citizen. This includes the right to travel from state to state, the right to vote for federal officeholders and the right to petition Congress. This Constitutional law also gives the citizens the right to receive protection from violence when in federal custody, and the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus. 

In essence, this clause guarantees the right to be a citizen of any state. It follows the notion that the citizen chooses his or her state, and not vice versa. It is a fundamental right of the individual citizens in most free countries of the world. However, there has been a long standing dispute on this issue as the Constitution does not exactly define the rules and regulations pertaining to this law.

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Constitutional Law And Privileges And Immunities




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