How Many Changes Or Amendments Are There To The Constitution ?  

The Constitution of the United States has seen 27 amendments or changes made to it.  Each time there was an unreasonable situation arising due to some lack in the Constitution, an amendment was made. Even the framers of the constitution knew that it was not water-tight.

The first ten amendments, also known as the Bill of Rights, were ratified in 1791; while the most recent amendment that limits the compensation for Congressmen was ratified in 1992. It is interesting to note that the last amendment was proposed in 1789 and it took 74,003 members to ratify it.

The Bills of Rights deal with human rights. 

The 11th addresses the judicial powers of the United States. 

The 12th has a detailed text on choosing the President and Vice President. 

The 13th, 14th and 15th are Reconstruction Amendments, and were proposed to recreate the government. It abolished slavery, established citizenship and gives voting rights to all regardless of race or color. As citizens of America, they can enjoy full liberties and rights just like their neighbor.

The 16th amendment deals with income tax, which can be collected by the Congress. 

The 17th was for the voting of Senators.

The 18th banned the manufacture, sale and transportation of liquor. 

The 19th was designed for women to be recognized as equals and were allowed to vote. 

The 20th outlines presidential and congressional terms. 

The 21st is actually connected to the 18th Amendment as it did away with prohibition. This is the only Amendment that has been passed to repeal another one. 

Presidential term limits were set by the 22nd Amendment. 

The District of Columbia got voting rights thanks to the 23rd Amendment. 

Polling tax was barred through the 24th Amendment. 

Presidential disability and succession is clearly outlined in the 25th Amendment. 

The 26th Amendment was instrumental in establishing voting age of US citizens.

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How Many Changes Or Amendments Are There To The Constitution




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