Bill Of Rights Amendments  

       The Bill of Rights Amendments refers to the first ten amendments made to the US Constitution. It puts into effect the freedom enjoyed by American citizens. Even the government is not allowed to infringe upon the freedom given by the Bill of Rights.More...

How Many Changes Or Amendments Are There To The Constitution ?

How Many Changes Or Amendments Are There To The Constitution

The Constitution of the United States has seen 27 amendments or changes made to it.  Each time there was an unreasonable situation arising due to some lack in the Constitution, an amendment was made. Even the framers of the constitution knew that it was not water-tight.More...



Constitutional Law And The Fourth Amendment

Constitutional Law And The Fourth Amendment

Times change, situations change and so does the law. There is provision in the Constitution for changes to be made depending on circumstances. When such changes are made, they are called constitutional law or amendments.More...



Constitutional Law And Twenty Third Amendment

Constitutional Law And Twenty Third Amendment

The District of Columbia was set up to be the seat of the new government. It was not meant to be a residential center, and initially it had a population of 5000 only. It was not a state, but a federal district. It did not require a local government. Therefore, people residing there had no voting rights in the federal government. However, the population kept growing steadily, and by 1960, it had around 760,000 inhabitants.More...

What Does The 27th Amendment State ?

What Does The 27th Amendment State

The 27th Amendment is the last one in the US Constitution. It goes under the name of Congressional Compensation Amendment of 1789, and also the Congressional Pay Amendment. It is also called the Madison Amendment as it was proposed by former President James Madison of Virginia.More...



Who Wrote The First Amendment ?

Who Wrote The First Amendment

The Father of the Constitution, James Madison wrote the First Amendment along with eleven others. Ten were approved and became the Bill of Rights. The First Amendment puts limitations on the government's authority to suppress people.More...





Constitutional-Law-And-Eleventh-Amendment      Any change or addition made to the Constitution is termed an amendment or constitutional law. There are 27 amendments with the final one being added in 1992. In order to propose an amendment, the Congress needs 2/3 votes from both the houses. An amendment can be ratified by approval from 3/4 of the state legislatures and 3/4 of ratifying conventions in states. More..




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