When Was The Bill Of Rights Written ?  

The Bill of Rights is actually the first ten amendments made to the legal structure of the United States Constitution. The law works using these rights as a backbone. It came into being through a long process, and it was many years before it was accepted.

James Madison is said to the “Founding Father” of the Bill of Rights. He was a political philosopher as well as a politician. He drafted many basic laws. 1789 saw articles on laws written by him to the First United States Congress. The decrees, he believed in, were mostly based on the Virginia Declaration of Rights which was drafted in 1776 by George Mason. Another major influence was the English Bill of Rights of 1689. 

It was after a lot of controversy that the Bill of Rights was finally approved, and was officially stated on December 15, 1791. This was because the original US Constitution of 1787 did not think it necessary to include human rights. It actually seemed rebellious to the people of that era. Freedom of speech was a trifle too much freedom to be given to the common man or so the heads of authority thought. Today, one cannot think of a legal system without them. 

Thanks to the vision of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, the Bill of Rights was suggested and made part of the U.S. system. It was a bit later in 1803, that the Supreme Court enforced a legislation to abide by the Bill of Rights, and much later on, in 1925, it was enforced to state laws as well.

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When Was The Bill Of Rights Written




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When Was The Bill Of Rights Written ? )
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