Why Are The Bill Of Rights So Important ?  

         The first ten amendments, or the Bill of Rights, in the US Constitution came to be for a purpose, and that was to ensure the basic civil rights of American citizens.


            This makes freedom available to all and has addressed civil rights issues throughout history. It also prevents the government from infringing on those rights.More...

History Bill Of Rights

History Bill Of Rights

The framers of the original US Constitution focused mainly on setting up a successful operational federal government. So, they did not include many human right clauses to it.More...



Is The Bill Of Rights Being Dismantled ?

Is The Bill Of Rights Being Dismantled

Listening to the news, being witnesses of current events has put the thought, “Is the Bill of Rights beings dismantled right before our eyes?”  This is cause for concern as the Bill of Rights is the first ten Amendments in the Constitution of the United States. These Amendments ensure basic human rights.More...



When Was The Bill Of Rights Written ?

When Was The Bill Of Rights Written

The Bill of Rights is actually the first ten amendments made to the legal structure of the United States Constitution. The law works using these rights as a backbone. It came into being through a long process, and it was many years before it was accepted.More...




Why Was Religious Freedom Granted In The Bill Of Rights ?

Why Was Religious Freedom Granted In The Bill Of Rights

The freedom of religion was given in the First Amendment itself, which together with other nine Amendments forms the Bill of Rights. The Amendment says that the government should take on a secular approach where a particular religion is concerned.More...





Why-Was-The-Bill-Of-Rights-Written      There are many reasons why the Bill of Rights was written. To put it into a nutshell, it was to ensure that human rights and civil liberties were given to all. However, it will help analyze each reason broadly so that it gives us a better understanding as to why was the Bill of Rights written. More..




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