What Had To Be Done To Ratify The Constitution ?  

To become effective, the Constitution of the United States of America needed ratification from the majority of the states in the country. At that time, the Constitution, in accordance to Article VII, needed three quarters of the total states convention’s approval and signed consents.

This meant that a minimum of nine out of twelve states had to approve and sign it. The other states that did not or would not sign the document were not held liable to the Constitution.  

The Constitution had its own set of supporters and opponents. The supporters were all for the ratification of the document. While the opponents felt that not only did this document bestow too much independence to the President and excluded the Bill of Rights, it also limited the powers of the Senate. The supporters were known as the Federalists, while those who opposed this document were known as the Anti-Federalists. 

To push their cause, the Federalists began to publish articles which supported the reasons for the need to ratify the Constitution. Federalist like Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay eventually went on to compile a memoir of eighty-five essays called The Federalist Papers, which further helped them to substantiate their belief and cause.

Within three months of signing the Constitution, Delaware became the first state to ratify it on December 7, 1787.  Delaware was followed by Pennsylvania on December 12, 1787, New Jersey on December 19, 1787 and Georgia on January 2, 1788. New Hampshire was the last and the ninth state, which finally ensured that the Constitution came into effect on June 21, 1788.

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What Had To Be Done To Ratify The Constitution




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What Had To Be Done To Ratify The Constitution ? )
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