What Three Delegates Did Not Sign The Constitution ?  

It is well known that the Constitution of the United States of America faced its fair share of support and criticism. The supporters of the Constitution came to be known as the Federalists, while the ones who opposed it were known as the Anti-Federalists. Owing to several discrepancies in the document, the ratification of the Constitution was delayed.

The three most famous delegates who refused to sign the Constitution were Edmund Randolph and George Mason of Virginia and Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts.

Edmund Randolph is believed to have refused to give his consent because he thought that the Constitution clearly did not follow the propositions set forth by the Virginia Plan. And, since he was representing Virginia, he felt very strongly about it. He was so stubborn about his cause that he suggested calling a Second General Convention.

Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts was the chairman of the committee that created the Connecticut Compromise. He believed that the Constitution did not do justice in ensuring the protection of the state as a whole, and for the individual residents of the state. This was the reason behind his refusal to sign and approve the Constitution.  

George Mason, the other delegate from Virginia, who was present at the convention also refused to sign the Constitution. Though Mason had initially advocated the creation of a stronger central government, he withdrew his support for the cause towards the end because he was apprehensive that the new government might result into a monarchy or a cruel tyranny. 

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What Three Delegates Did Not Sign The Constitution




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What Three Delegates Did Not Sign The Constitution ? )
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