Contract Law And Changing Effective Date Of An Agreement  

There are many factors which can alter the effectiveness of the Contract Law. The Uniform Commercial Code has become an effective standard of agreement in the United States with regard to transactions that involve sale of goods in the country. This code, also known as UCC, has been accepted to propagate the conjunctive effort of bringing together sales law, and other monetary transactions across all the states of the country.

This code can be accepted verbatim by the state legislature, or it can be amended as and when changes seem necessary. The code, however, should be given its due place in the system of promoting a unified law throughout the country.

The Contract Law is part of the common law which begins with formation that involves offer and acceptance, mailbox rule, mirror image rule, invitation to treat firm offer, and consideration. Defenses against formation include lack of capacity, duress, undue influence and illusory promises.

A contract can be interpreted using parole evidence, integration clause and other methods. Breach of a contract can be viewed as a serious offense, and it is punishable in a court of law. The rights of third parties include delegation and notation. 

Effective date of an agreement can be changed by adding annexures to the contract or amending the date in the original contract. However, government contracts require the use of a standard Form 30. This would include amendment modification number, requisition purchase number, effective date, amendment of solicitation and modification of contract number. This form has to be duly filled in, and verified by a lawyer before resorting to the actual solicitation change of the issue in concern. The lack of any information would render the effective contract without argument, and the seal would not be broken. Therefore, it is important to comply with all the standard rules while filling the standard Form 30.

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Contract Law And Changing Effective Date Of An Agreement




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Contract Law And Changing Effective Date Of An Agreement )
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