Contract Law And Changing Effective Date Of An Agreement  

        There are many factors which can alter the effectiveness of the Contract Law. The Uniform Commercial Code has become an effective standard of agreement in the United States with regard to transactions that involve sale of goods in the country.

This code, also known as UCC, has been accepted to propagate the conjunctive effort of bringing together sales law, and other monetary transactions across all the states of the country.More...



Natural Law And Locke Social Contract

Natural Law And Locke Social Contract

Natural Law is a theory that purports the existence of a law which is universal and the valid everywhere, as its course is set by nature. Typically, the Natural Law is used synonymously with Natural Justice and Natural Right, though most legal and political theorists separate the two.More...


How Long Do You Have To Cancel A Contract ?

How Long Do You Have To Cancel A Contract

There are laws that protect the consumers from any malpractice in the country. These laws includes right to cancel contracts for no reason at all after the contract is signed by the consumer. Cancellation can be done without giving the seller any reason or a 'legal cause' for such an action.More...



How To Write Vendor Contracts ?

How To Write Vendor Contracts

One needs to write a vendor contract carefully, irrespective of the worth and size of the vendor in question. One needs to have access and knowledge to all the possible matters, including unseen or unpredictable points of discussion that were ignored during the verbal agreement.More...


Pros And Cons Of Contract Law

Pros And Cons Of Contract Law

Contract law is governed by the UCC or the Uniform Commercial Code. This regulates and makes sure that the law is enforced by the members of the contract. However, there are several pros and cons to this contract law.More...



What Is Validity Of Clause In A Contract ?

What Is Validity Of Clause In A Contract

A contract can have many clauses. A clause is a grammatical unit that specifies and objectifies certain things that are intended through it. The clauses in a contract are given and written in ways that are understood by all the parties involved. The reason for doing so is to put the consented agreements on paper for the two parties involved.More...





Meaning-Of-An-Agreement-In-Contract-Law      Contract laws are laws pertaining to an agreement between two or more parties that mandates each party to do or not do. This also includes the right to fulfilling the other's duty, or a solution for the breach of the other's duty. More..




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