Human Rights And International Employment  

When it comes to people who are employed, there are certain laws that need to be followed, be it internationally or domestically. When it comes to human rights and international employment, then the law of the land is taken into consideration as a country's law and jurisdiction has to be followed for salaries, working conditions, work contracts, legal age for working etc.

These laws are put into place to ensure that anyone who works, be it a foreign national or a local, is not exploited. Also, the laws ensure that there is some amount of equality among those who are working.

As per the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the UN, there is an Article that clearly stipulated that people have the right not only to work, but to choose their own occupation. In addition, this Article also gives people the right to ask for good working conditions and offers protection against termination with reason. The Declaration is an attempt to create equality where salaries are concerned and to ensure that no discriminatory practices are followed by nations. It allows a person the right to unionize and ensure that their basic human rights at work are given. The Declaration not only protects the employee, but also the employer.

There are laws framed by the UN that decry child labor and protect children from working in industries that can be hazardous to their health or pose obstacles to their education. These laws protect children from being exploited by companies. Even International Labor Affairs has passed a law to ensure that labor trafficking that is prevalent in many parts of the world is illegal. This law helps to ensure that children are protected from be sold in illegal labor markets and if a country uses these children to make products, then those products are banned and prohibited.

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Human Rights And International Employment




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