Free Speech And Crime  

Free speech is one of the most widely misused rights in the society. While some cleverly use it to propagate an agenda, others can quite simply turn the tables against themselves by uttering something unwanted. Not many understand that there is a very thin line distinguishing free speech and going overboard. There have been numerous instances where people have been persecuted and punished for “expressing their view”. While it is premature to place someone behind bars for his thoughts, it is even more foolish for the concerned person to show his heroism by “rebelling” against the thoughts and feelings of the general masses.

Social, religious and political views are some of the common areas where many people cross the line. For example, Maryland's governor, Robert Ehrlich, fired Robert Smith, a Roman Catholic, from his position the Washington Transit Authority Board for disapproving homosexuality. While his point of view was from his religious beliefs and ideology, the others who practiced or supported the view found it to be highly offensive and therefore fired him with immediate effect. While these acts may prevent a few from expressing themselves, a few others might get provoked emotionally to support the “accused”.

Irrespective of the repercussions, it is extremely important for people to understand that along with freedom comes responsibility. It is important to consider the scenario, the situation and the timing of a particular speech. With numerous instances leading to unwanted rivalry and tension between parties, having a formal discussion and debating the issue with parties from both the sides is a very wise manner to exercise freedom of expression. Speaking smarty to get the point across is the key weapon here. To speak heroically to attract publicity and attain stardom is mere foolishness.

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Free Speech And Crime




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