Limitations To Free Speech  

People have a right to express their views and thoughts publicly and privately. The First Amendment in particular deals with this issue where it declares that citizens have a right to express their religion, experience their freedom of speech and press. There is very thin line between using this freedom to express one’s views and misusing the same freedom to create hatred and animosity in the society.

Although the First Amendment does allow a person to express himself without restriction, this rule does not give protection to a person who has gone overboard to hurt others feelings, thoughts, religious beliefs and create a sense of bad will among different communities. .

Limitation of free speech can be discussed under the following topics:

Immediate Threat to The Society: If the person speaks to create a sense of insecurity and danger in a society, he/she is automatically not eligible for protection under the First Amendment. Any speech that incites a sense of danger making the person a threat to the society cannot be tolerated under any type of law.

Incite violence: If a person is speaking to incite violence in the society, then he can be immediately persecuted under law.

Slander: If a person propagates false agenda against a country, an organization, an individual or a society without any rightful claims or proof, he cannot get away by using First Amendment as a protection.

Obscenity: Speaking something that is considered obscene and desensitized will not be tolerated and does not qualify as free speech or freedom to express oneself. It is important to stay within the boundaries of law and restrict oneself to the rules and regulations of a decent and civilized society.

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Limitations To Free Speech




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Limitations To Free Speech )
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