Health Care As A Right Or A Privilege  

Health care is one of the most important aspects in building or breaking a particular nation and its economy. If you were wondering what health has to do with the welfare of a country, it is important for you to note that the healthier a population, the better the work output resulting in a better financial status of the individual and the family. This atomically translates into a better economic status of the country.

While in most countries, providing health care is considered a right where in a person cannot be turned away from receiving the best possible medical assistance under any situation, other countries are a lot more restricted when it comes to providing the same treatment. The person’s economic and financial status is firstly taken into consideration in determining whether the person qualifies to receive these benefits or not. While the methods adopted by these countries have resulted in stable and healthy workforce, the same cannot be said for countries that consider health care to be more of a “privilege” than a “right”.

In the US, for example, people who are employed are automatically enrolled into various health insurance covers by their employers. This turns out to be a win-win situation for the employer and the employee. The unemployed ones are left in the dark. A crippling financial status or the inability to work hinders the person’s rights to receive a medical health care insurance.

A large section equally feels that spending money on insurance covers should be an individual’s choice and not be forced upon as a “right”. Therefore, while the topic of whether health care is a right or a privilege is hotly debated, the economic status of the country and the citizens’ well being should not be neglected.

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Health Care As A Right Or A Privilege




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Health Care As A Right Or A Privilege )
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