What Are Human Rights ?  

         It is believed that humans are entitled to certain rights on account of being human, and it is these rights that are known as human rights. While the concept of human rights was prevalent in the ancient times, the term was coined only in the 1940s. More...

Examples Of Human Rights Violations

Examples Of Human Rights Violations

Be it civil liberties, right to safety, political rights or right to life, all humans are entitled to these human rights without any discrimination. In order to ensure that human rights are not violated, governments and non-governmental organizations have to make sure that people in a particular jurisdiction are treated in a just and humane manner, regardless of their social status and education. And, when people are not allowed to exercise their basic human rights, then their human rights are being violated. More...



Laws That Discriminate Against Sexual Orientation

Laws That Discriminate Against Sexual Orientation        Under normal circumstances, when a person is gay, he or she can hardly make use of any laws to protect them from being discriminated at their work place. However, of late, people's view on sexual orientation is changing, and gays and lesbians are finding that employers are taking steps to ensure that no discrimination occurs on account of sexual orientation. More...


What Amendment Gave Women The Right To Vote ?

What Amendment Gave Women The Right To Vote       Women were initially not allowed to vote, or have a say in choosing their government as it was thought that they were not really qualified to participate in elections and exercise their choice. However, as times changed, women activists determined to bring about a change to this view and succeeded after lot of struggle.

        In the year 1848, the first serious proposal of allowing women to vote was put forth at the Seneca Falls Woman's Rights Convention that was organized by Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton.More...



Limitations To Free Speech

Limitations To Free Speech

        People have a right to express their views and thoughts publicly and privately. The First Amendment in particular deals with this issue where it declares that citizens have a right to express their religion, experience their freedom of speech and press. There is very thin line between using this freedom to express one’s views and misusing the same freedom to create hatred and animosity in the society. More...







Human Rights History       Human rights are the rights that each individual on this planet is entitled to. These rights are not a new concept, but have been prevalent for centuries. However, over the years, more and more rights have been added and laws have been framed to ensure that these entitlements are respected and given to people. More..




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