Definition Of Electoral Vote  

If you want the definition of electoral vote, you will first have to understand the Electoral College system present in the US. It is this system that is responsible for electing the president of the US. Every state in the US has a fixed number of electors depending on size of the state's congressional delegation, including the senators. Once the popular vote is cast by the people in a state, the chosen electors then cast their vote. Thereafter, the vote of the electors is counted and the winner of the electoral vote ends up becoming the president of the US.

The voting by the electors of the various states in the US to elect the president is known electoral vote.
The reason that the US has Electoral College is to prevent the smaller states and rural regions from being eclipsed by the large states and urban areas. Every state in the US gets one electoral vote for 2 of its senators and one for each congressional district that the state has. For instance, the state of Tennessee has 2 senators and 9 congressional districts. So, the total number of electoral votes that the state gets is 11.

However, in all the states, the electoral voting is not followed. The 2 exceptions are the states of Nebraska and Maine. In these 2 states, the presidential candidate who wins the popular vote is given the electoral votes of the senators. However, the congressional district votes is allotted to the candidates who have won from their respective districts.

The electors to the Electoral College are selected by their respective political parties. It is not necessary that the electors will vote for their candidates. This situation is possible, but it rarely happens and when it does, it usually does not have an effect on the outcome of the presidential election.

In order for a candidate to become the president of the US, he or she needs to get a minimum of 270 electoral votes. If there is a tie between the presidential candidates, then the matter is settled by the House of Representatives wherein each state is allowed to cast a single vote for one of the candidates and then the winner of this ballot is declared the next president.

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Definition Of Electoral Vote




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