Who Tends To Vote Republican ?  

Any discussion on religion or politics generally tends to get hotter as it proceeds. This is because, the opinion in both these domains is pretty subjective and individuals have the right to have their opinion in these issues. However, we tend to realize over time that people with different mental make ups finally end up making different political parties.

The general observation is individuals who are under 30 years of age tend to be liberalistic while they become conservative after they cross the 30-year mark. For example, it is quite natural to see an elderly person talking about gun control, adoption, economic policies for promoting business, etc which are typical attitude of conservative republican. However, you may see a young graduate excited in bringing about a health care reform and he is more a liberal democrat in this sense. In certain other cases, we can see people just voting for those candidates who confirm with their beliefs. Some others are not sure which of these ideals really suits them.

The Republican view primarily deals with issues about national defense, gun control and free market economies. Hence, people who have strong orientation towards these issues tend to be republican. These party workers work for the right to own arms for defense purposes. They also promote the ideas of abstinence and adoption and encourage starting of new businesses and formulate policies that would benefit the business as well as employees who would enjoy a considerable share in the rewards. They also encourage consumerism and think of it as a way to increase the GDP value.

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Who Tends To Vote Republican




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