The United States attracts thousands of immigrants every year from every part of the globe. Most immigrants enter the country primarily to obtain a better education, career development and for attaining a good standard of living.

      However, immigrants need to encounter and get adjusted to several socioeconomic, cultural and environmental factors upon entering into a completely alien nation. Written below are solutions for some problems faced usually by immigrants.

     The foremost thing that an immigrant should know is the entry procedure at the airport. All the documents present in the sealed cover including visa documents and medical reports are verified by the immigration officer before stamping on the passport. All these documents should be arranged in a small personal handbag and carried along. Fingerprints of the immigrant are obtained for security purpose.

     Upon entering into the country, one should get his communication address verified as all the important documents such as letters enclosing green card and social security cards are mailed to this address only. A permanent state identity card is issued by the local MVA office only upon receipt of the above documents.

      The next important step is to get familiarized with the surroundings around the residence. This includes information about public transport system schedules, local restaurants, usual food habits of Americans, and other prominent places to visit. Once the immigrant has received his green card, social security card and state ID card, the next important step is to open a personal bank account at any of the nearest reputed banks and apply for a driver’s license. Another important issue is to have a proper health insurance policy after getting into the country.

     One has to respect the culture and traditions of Americans so as to blend into their environment. Understanding their language, speaking skills, giving importance to their festivals and getting involved in their celebrations can be a useful strategy.






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