The Relevance Of Judiciary In Political System  

The United States political system is divided into the legislative, the executive and the judiciary. All three branches are responsible for and contribute to the growth and smooth functioning of the system. The powers given to each system are separate and unique.

For example, the legislative can make laws, but is not responsible for enforcing them. Similarly, the judiciary is that part of the government that has to look after the interpretation of the law in case of any dispute or challenge to the administration or justice.

The relevance of the judiciary comes from the very word it means and stands for: justice. In times where one can manipulate and twist laws to ones own selfish ends, it is important to have an impartial judge who can settle disputes in such cases. The judiciary is not only to solve personal cases like theft, murder, parson, etc. It is also helpful in solving cases of international dispute.

The simplicity of the judicial system lies in the fact that it can only interpret and not make laws, thus having an overall bird's eye view of the situation. The fact that the United States has a state court in each of the 50 states shows the importance and relevance of the judiciary in the day to day functioning of the country. The most important function perhaps lies in the fact that the judiciary is given the permission to address cases even of the president. This is a system established to make sure that law is not misused, misinterpreted and overruled by people. Thus, making sure that the honor of the Constitution and the integrity of the nation are upheld.

The judiciary, undoubtedly, is a very relevant branch of the political system.

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The Relevance Of Judiciary In Political System




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The Relevance Of Judiciary In Political System )
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