Calculate Property Taxes  

In order to pay property tax every year, it is helpful to know what the assessment of the property is, and the local assessment rates are. It is common knowledge to have a good idea of the taxes in the previous year and the coming year to take a good look at the budget we have to pay in this year.

The assessed value of the property has to be found out by using the rate for the land and the building. This will not determine how much you are liable to be taxed, but will give you an idea of how much you would gain financially had you sold the property. This amount is important, and plays a key role in determining how much tax you would pay on the property.

It is good to check the IRS website for tax rates on properties. It is also helpful to research rates for the coming years. One can also refer to the tax rates in the previous year to check and compare the variances. Then, the step would be to check for exemptions that you are eligible for which would include being disabled, above 65 years of age or widowed.

Multiply the amount that you assessed for the value of your property by the estimated property tax rate percentage, but for the coming year for each taxing district your property falls under, separately. Then add up the amounts for each taxing district to find the total estimated amount you will be required to pay in property taxes.

Having done all this, one has to keep in mind that tax rates are not given out or determined usually until the end of the fiscal year. So, it is advisable to do all these calculations as a budget to be prepared for the actual amount that one would have to pay. Usually, they would not vary much from the budget, but it would not hurt to be on the safe side.

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Calculate Property Taxes




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