Nevada Gaming Regulations On Primary Jackpots Tax Deductions  

Gaming is a polite word which is used in place of the word gambling. Due to the depressing effect it has on people, gambling associations decisively renamed it gaming. To them, it is a game of chances where you try out your luck. Despite its re-branding, it still has the status of a business where the person that who wins is subject to tax payment, but this is something many people are oblivious of.

A good number of people automatically assume that there are no taxes on the prize money won, and they think betting in Nevada as tax free.

Through their checks and association with all the casinos, the Internal Revenue Services keeps a tab on all the casinos. It instructs the casinos to hold back certain percentage according to the law of the prize money won. The percentages differ from 20 percent to 30 percent, depending on how much you have won. In addition, the Internal Revenue Service has instructed the casinos in Nevada to withhold 28 percent of the prize money won as income tax should a winner not provide a valid Taxpayer Identification Number, which invariably is the Social Security number. The total percentage of deductions increases to 30 percent if the money is won by a foreign national.

When your winnings exceed a specific threshold, and/or tax is suspended, then the casino gives you an IRS form W-2G showing the amount won, and the tax remunerated on it. Report on your IRS 1040 form for the tax refund at the end of the year. Usually the decisive factors for reporting to the IRS about the winning amount is if the amount won is more than $600, or 300 times more than the amount of the wager.

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Nevada Gaming Regulations On Primary Jackpots Tax Deductions




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Nevada Gaming Regulations On Primary Jackpots Tax Deductions )
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