When Can I Expect My Tax Relief Check ?  

You can expect your tax relief check to be mailed, or emailed to you on time if you paid your taxes on time the previous year. Typically, you should give the IRS a minimum of 8 weeks to process your returns.

The payments are usually issued in an orderly manner, based on the last two digits of the taxpayer’s Social Security number (SSN). If a taxpayer filed it jointly with his spouse, then the SSN of the person listed first on the tax form is used to issue the check by the IRS.

Based on the option the taxpayer chooses to file their returns, one gets their checks either through direct deposit or by paper checks. The IRS encourages direct deposit as it is the fastest method for transaction. One need not worry if the bank account information has changed as the IRS converts it into a paper check, and mails it back to the individual taxpayer.

The IRS usually starts issuing checks with the direct deposits, those payments are transmitted for SSN from 00 to 20 by May 2. By May 9, Social Security numbers from 21 to 75 can expect their payments to be made. While, the final list of SSN from 76 to 99 can expect their tax relief checks by May 16.    

By May 16, paper checks will be sent out to those with SSN last two digits from 00 to 09. Similarly, numbers between 10 to 18 will be dispatched around May 23; 19 to 25 around May 30; 26 to 38 around June 6; 39 to 51 around June 13; 52 to 63 by June 20; 64 to 75 on June 27; 76 to 87 by July 4; and the tax relief checks for SSN from 88 to 99 are dispatched around July 11.

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When Can I Expect My Tax Relief Check




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