Costs Of Frivolous Lawsuits  

A lawsuit of any kind is usually very expensive to deal with. Whether the plaintiff is hoping for a huge settlement or not they ill have to spend a considerable amount of money in lawsuits. The costs involved are administration, paperwork, the bailiff, the jurors and the courthouse charges. Frivolous lawsuits are the ones that are filed without a valid reason to sue. That means leally there could be a reason enough to sue, but the same thing could have been worked out without the involvement of court.More...

Are Gambling Winnings Considered A Frivolous Lawsuit ?

Are Gambling Winnings Considered A Frivolous Lawsuit

The United States tax codes require that the gamblers should record the winnings and losses. Professional gamblers have a full fledged business and they file their returns under the Section C of the tax laws. The winnings and losses are netted and they also deduct all the necessary expenses for the gambling like computer, internet, travel, and various others related training materials. They also fall under the self employment tax. This is somewhat equivalent to the social security or Medicare.More...


Definition Of Frivolous Lawsuit

Definition Of Frivolous Lawsuit

A frivolous lawsuit is the type of lawsuit that is brought on without any substantial reason or valid cause. Such lawsuits lack the merit. Some parties sue the other party without any cause or for something that is not even serious in nature. For the court to be involved he reasons should be valid and there should be cause enough to sue. However, frivolous lawsuits may maintain all legal fair grounds. They will have every point to prove legally. However, when it comes to justifying the cause it simply may not be good enough.More...


How To Fight A Frivolous Lawsuit ?

How To Fight A Frivolous Lawsuit

There is nothing any body can do to prevent a frivolous law suit and people will continue doing it as long as they find a way of doing it. More than fighting a frivolous lawsuit it is best strategy to avoid them. For example, if you know that a certain party is going to the court, then you rather give them some amount and avoid a bigger headache. Frivolous lawsuits are just a waste of time for everyone.More...


How Many Frivolous Lawsuits Get Awarded Damages ?

How Many Frivolous Lawsuits Get Awarded Damages

Civil lawsuits cost the United States court a hell of a lot of money every year. The estimate is around $200 billion dollars. All this money is being wasted all this money comes from the tax papers pocket. In the United States, every person is paying around $700 in taxes for law suits. Also, the maximum number of cases are personal injury ones and several states also have reported a sudden increase in the number of enrollments for lawyers in colleges.More...





Costs of frivolous lawsuits - Definition of frivolous lawsuit - How to fight a frivolous lawsuit?

Business Laws :

Facts-About-Frivolous-Lawsuits      In the United States, after the recent recession there has been and outburst of frivolous law suits. People are suing their employees on all types of grounds and causes and also claiming damages on several counts. Thousands of people have been laid off and among these some have turned to filing frivolous law suits so that they can claim a huge settlement from their employer. Also, there have been several personal injury lawsuits that have been filed against the insurance companies and so on. More..




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