Employment Non Disclosure Agreement  

A Non disclosure agreement is a type of contract that forbids the employees from disclosing any trade related information, classified information or proprietary knowledge under any circumstances. The signing of non disclosure agreement is very common while getting new employees into the company. It is a common step that any company takes.

A non disclosure agreement between the employee and the employer lasts till the time of employment. And even after the employee resigns, they are not allowed to discuss the company’s secret with others. This is a basic rule that employees have to follow. In banks and financial institutions employees handle personal data of thousands of companies and people. Some information may be extremely important but despite of knowing that the employees cannot discuss the details with others.

In case the company faces any damages due to the possible leak of data or information through the employee, then they can take severe action as mentioned in the agreement against the employee. They can sue the employee or terminate them without notice. Employment non disclosure agreements are in a way to protect the core data of the company. Most of the date is kept on hard drives that are accessible through networks. However, some employees can still retrieve core data and mishandle or misuse it. There are several detrimental effects that can be caused if an employee does not sign and follow an NDA. If a company is being mismanaged and an employee discusses this outside, the share value may go down.

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Employment Non Disclosure Agreement

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Real-Estate-Non-Disclosure-Agreement      A non disclosure agreement, also known as an NDA, basically helps to protect the trade secrets and information that is confidential. It is one of the best ways to protect the confidential information of a company in any kind of business. Almost every industry in the world uses some kind of non disclosure agreement. Computer companies, information technology, software, business houses and food and beverage companies use NDAs. More..




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