Real Estate Non Disclosure Agreement  

A non disclosure agreement, also known as an NDA, basically helps to protect the trade secrets and information that is confidential. It is one of the best ways to protect the confidential information of a company in any kind of business. Almost every industry in the world uses some kind of non disclosure agreement. Computer companies, information technology, software, business houses and food and beverage companies use NDAs.

Any company that has information to protect will use a non disclosure agreement. Even companies that own intellectual property sign a non disclosure agreement with people who are using that information. If you wonder why would a real estate company use a non disclosure agreement the reason is people normally look for commercial properties using a broker. Mostly it is companies who look out for commercial properties, and they simply do not want their competition to know what they are doing. They may be opening a new business, or a different office, but if the competitor knows, even they may do the same thing.

For that purpose, businesses and companies sign a non disclosure agreement. In case their real estate company gives the same information to others then you can sue them for damages. Some people also create an oral confidentiality agreement. However, more than that the non disclosure agreement is the best way to ensure that the information is secure. NDA can be a mutual contract or it an also be one sided. It depends on who wants to protect the information. Sometimes people exchange information and would like to safeguard it both ways.

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Real Estate Non Disclosure Agreement

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