What Is A Non Disclosure Agreement ?  

A non disclosure agreement is a contract that helps companies, businesses or individuals to safeguard their information. There are several companies today in the world that use non disclosure agreements. It is also widely used on the internet. If a company has some information that needs to be protected, then they should sign a non disclosure agreement with anyone who is bound to know the information so that it is confidential. It may be business related sensitive information that they are protecting.

All companies hiring employee’s signs a non disclosure agreement with them so that their data is safeguarded. Also, the company can confidently share its information with the concerned people when they have a non disclosure agreement. If a person leaks out the information despite signing a non disclosure agreement, then the person is liable for legal action. Also, their compromising with the information has caused any damages to the company then they are liable for the damages.

Businesses deal with several competitors and every single aspect is very important and they keep it away form their competitors. It is common in the employment world where one person quits a company and joins its competitors. Even after resigning from their previous job, they cannot carry the information to some other company. Also according to the non disclosure agreement they have to return all the information in the form of company material they own. A non disclosure agreement is also signed to protect the IP of the company on the internet. When the IP is disclosed, they are prone to several dangers.

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What Is A Non Disclosure Agreement

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Employee-Non-Disclosure-Agreement      A non disclosure agreement (NDA) is a type of contract that is signed between an employer and an employee. When a person gets employed by a company they will have access to most of the company information and some of it may be classified and secretive. It is always better that a company signs a non disclosure agreement with their employees, so that their interests and company’s information is protected. More..




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