What Is A Limited Liability Partnership ?  

A limited liability partnership is very similar to the general partnership with a few exceptions. The difference is that the limited liability partnership provides some security and protection against debts and losses in the partnership unlike general partnership.More...

How Safe Are Limited Partnership Investments ?

How Safe Are Limited Partnership Investments

A limited partnership is a type of business deal where the limited business partner has limited rights inn the business. A limited partner contributes to the establishment of the business and also further contributes to the growth of the business however they do not have the complete authority to make changes like a general partner has.More...



How To End A Business Partnership ?

How To End A Business Partnership

Business partnership means that you have invested along with another person or a group of individuals to conduct business. A partnership in business sis a legal procedure and there would be several terms and conditions that all the partners have agreed to mutually.More...



Definition Of Partnership

Definition Of Partnership

A partnership is a kind of business agreement where two individuals come together to conduct business. They have agreed mutually to work together and the profits or the investment is tin their respective ratios. Some partnerships are dependant on an equal partnership basis and some are minor and major. Both the partners have the right to share the profits.More...



Difference Between Partnership Corporation

Difference Between Partnership Corporation

When a company wants to accept money from the public and wants to become a public limited company they have to be incorporated. Incorporation will accept investment from various people and agree to give them a share of the profit. They give them a share in the company. For example, if a person buys 100 shares of an incorporated company, then they own 100 units of that company. The profits will be shared in the form of 100 units.More...





How does a silent partnership work? - How safe are limited partnership investments?

Business Laws :

How-Does-A-Silent-Partnership-Work      Partnership is a kind of business where two or more partners are involved in working together for a business. They bring in equal amount of investment and then start their business. In some cases of partnership, one of the partners joins much later by bringing in an investment. However, it is not always a requirement that the investment should be equal. There are different kinds of partners in a business. The partners of a business have the choice to choose their level of liability. They can also alter the partnership contract and the terms and the conditions. More..




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