Who Caused The 19th Amendment ?  

The 19th Amendment was approved on 4 June 1919. The amendment proposal was strongly supported by President Woodrow Wilson on 9 January 1918 to ensure voting equality for women in the country. The provisions of the 19th Amendment were approved by the House of Representatives after a lot of heated discussions the very next day, on January 10, 1918.

However, the amendment proposal was disapproved by Senate, which chose to put the debate on hold until October 1918. The amendment was finally rejected by three votes when the Senate voted on it in October. There were a number of factors that eventually caused the 19th Amendment.

In response to the rejection of the amendment proposal by the Senate, the National Woman’s Party began to organize events and rallies to urge the US citizens to vote against anti-suffrage Senators during the mid-term elections of 1918. After these elections were over, a large majority of the Congress members were pro-suffrage. The proposal for the 19th Constitutional Amendment was again put forward in both houses. It got approved by a vote of 304 votes to 89 votes in the House of Representatives on 21 May 1919. It was also passed by the Senate on 4 June 1919, by a 56 votes to 25 votes.

Finally, the amendment was ratified by 36 different state legislatures and declared as the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution. The Tennessee General Assembly was the last to ratify the amendment by margin of just 1 vote on 18 August 1920. The official adoption of the amendment was attested on 26 August 1920 by the Bainbridge Colby, the then Secretary of State.

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Who Caused The 19th Amendment

Who-Proposed-19th-Amendment      The 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution emphasizes voting equality for women in the country. It prohibits the federal or state governments from denying the voting rights to any US citizen on the basis of sex. It was strongly supported by President Woodrow Wilson and was put forward in both the houses January 9, 1918. More..




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Who Caused The 19th Amendment ? )
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