What Is The Purpose Of The Bill Of Rights ?  

The Bill of Rights deals with many important constitutional matters, adopted and planned carefully to reach a point of accord at various times in American history. The main purpose was to avoid misinterpretation of powers and to make public believe in the constitution.

The Bill was designed in order to protect the citizens of US against the exploitation of basic rights given by the nation's Constitution. James Madison is known as the ‘Father of the Constitution’ and the creator of the Bill of Rights. The main issues taken up by the Bill of Rights are:

  • Prohibition of any law prejudiced towards founding of religion.
  • Rights to arms, inside national territory.
  • Prohibition of any act that denies or takes away life, liberty and property, unlawfully.
  • Abolition of capital, disciplinary action, after an unbiased grand jury accusation.
  • Reservation of non federal government powers in respect of public.

The original sketch of the United States Constitution had issues that were challenged by many US Representatives. Therefore, these issues were considered and suitable amendments were made to maintain the inviolability of the United States Constitution. In all, there were 10 amendments that were jointly projected by James Madison in the Bill of Rights. The main intention was to amend the constitution reasonably, in order to create possibility for reorganizing the government and the safety of civilian rights.

The first ten approved amendments were named as the Bill of Rights, in the year 1791. These amendments are very important while making laws and government policies and represent freedom and US culture. The 14 replicas of the Bill of Rights are very important national property and one copy has been displayed at the National Archives, Washington D.C.

Thus, the Bill of Rights was presented by James Madison after many negotiations, discussions, recommendations and amendments, with the support of Thomas Jefferson. The idea of ‘natural rights’ granted to every citizen was stated prominently in the final sketch. Many rights like that of life, liberty, property, etc. were included with the purpose of authorizing people’s involvement in the democracy, at the same time keeping a check on the powers of government.

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What Is The Purpose Of The Bill Of Rights

When-Was-The-Bill-Of-Rights-Written      The Bill of Rights, a series of U.S. Constitutional Amendments, was written and put forward by James Madison in the year 1789. It comprises of the first ten amendments that were made to the U.S. Constitution. James Madisonhad initially proposed 12 amendments, out of which only ten were ratified and put into effect as the U.S. Bill of Rights in the year 1791. More..




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What Is The Purpose Of The Bill Of Rights ? )
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