Freedom Of Speech In The Usa  

Freedom of Speech is precisely defined in the First Amendment of the Constitution. It is safeguarded by several federal laws, and state constitutions as well. Freedom of Speech is one of the many fundamental civil liberties stated in the U.S. Bill of Rights.

As stated in the law, it provides U.S. citizens the liberty to criticize the government and even advocate unusual, ostracized ideas, such as sexism and racism, which are either against the public policy or offensive to other people.

However, laws against child pornography, Miller’s test for obscenity, advertising regulations, and speeches that provoke impending danger, are a few limitations or exceptions to the general protection of the freedom of speech. These limitations are imposed to protect the fundamental rights of the citizens, such as the right to participate in fair political campaigns, property rights for inventors and authors, right to free speech, and the right to protection against violence and slander (use of deceit to harm others). The property rights for authors and the right to participate in political campaigns have been stated clearly under the Copyright Law and the Campaign Finance Law respectively.

Regardless of these exceptions and limitations to the Freedom of Speech in the US, the legal protection offered to it by the First Amendment to the US Constitution is the most extensive of all industrialized nations, and continue to be an important and intermittently controversial component of the American jurisprudence.

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Freedom Of Speech In The Usa

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