History Of The Right To Bear Arms  

The Right to Bear Arms, as stated in the Second Amendment, is an affirmation that the U.S. citizens have a fundamental right to own weapon (s) or firearms for their personal use or/and as a collective group.

As stated in the text mentioned in the Bill of Rights, the term “arms” has been used to refer to a wide range of armor and weapons, while the phrase “to bear arms” refers to entering into a war/conflict. However, the notion of the Right to Bear Arms differs widely by state, country, and jurisdiction outside the U.S.

This fundamental right has for a long time been a part of the popular American culture. The history of the right to bear arms dates back to the time when foreign colonists’ settlements in the New World compelled the people to keep possession of weapons or firearms to ensure their own safety. In fact, the country won its independence over two hundred years ago only by virtue of the efforts put in by these armed citizen-soldiers of America. It was due to this age old tradition that the efforts of the government to curb this right triggered great resentment in the American society.

The present debate over firearm control hit the roof after a few high profile assassinations that took place in the 1960s. The debate over the righteousness of the right to bear arms gained impetus after the outbreak of gun-related violence during 1980s and 1990s. The right interpretation of the 2nd Amendment has been central to the firearm control debate in the US. One school of thought advocates the ownership of a gun as a vital means of self-defense, while the other opposes it to prevent misuse and crimes. According to another argument, the right to own or possess a gun is unnecessary in modern times as the situation today is no longer like what it used to be in the 18th century when owning a weapon was important.

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History Of The Right To Bear Arms

How-To-Defend-The-Right-To-Bear-Arms      The right to bear arms is clearly defined in the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of United States of America. It has been the subject of heated debates and controversies since the time of its inception. While some people believe that the right to bear arms ensures protection of the citizens against crime, some others think that possessing arms merely for recreation might turn out to be dangerous. More..




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History Of The Right To Bear Arms )
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