How To Defend The Right To Bear Arms ?  

The right to bear arms is clearly defined in the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of United States of America. It has been the subject of heated debates and controversies since the time of its inception. While some people believe that the right to bear arms ensures protection of the citizens against crime, some others think that possessing arms merely for recreation might turn out to be dangerous.

Following are some tips and guidelines on how to defend the right to bear arms:

  • Before purchasing a gun or a firearm, make sure you obtain all the necessary licenses. For this, you are required to produce suitable documents to prove that you do not have a criminal background and that you are a responsible enough to own a firearm.
  • The storage site of the gun should be verified much in advance. Choose a safe place at your home or office to store your gun and keep it away from the reach of children and the plain sight of public.
  • Next, you need to reveal your reason for buying a gun. It must be among the reasons stated in the permit, such as hunting, target shooting, and self defense.
  • If there is a history of violence in your neighborhood, then you can defend yourself with a firearm.
  • The fundamental right to bear arms can also be defended based on Article 12 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, given by the United Nations. This article suggests that every citizen has a right to self defense and the right to protection by law in case of infringement of the fundamental right.
  • Finally, do your own research on websites like JBS to hit upon historical examples of free people being overthrown by totalitarians. These examples will help you defend your right to bear arms on the grounds that the possession of a gun is necessary to protect yourself from a probable takeover by an antagonistic regime.

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How To Defend The Right To Bear Arms

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How To Defend The Right To Bear Arms ? )
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