Should Americans Have The Right To Bear Arms  

The right to bear arms has been the most debated topic in the United States constitution. Several people believe that owning a gun is safe for their own good and many others disagree at the same time. A gun is a weapon and is dangerous. Even a child can kill others without knowing by just pulling the trigger. Some people argue that when we are living in a civilized society why we should own a gun.

The right to bear arms is justified by some and not justified by some. However, there are pros and cons. One is that we live in an extremely violent world and there is a lot of insecurity. However, the miscreants are able to carry out their illegal activities because they have access to guns. Even if a person might be genuine and in need of a gun, it could be stolen from them or misused.

Owning a gun could be more for personal safety but not everyone has the capability of using it. One needs to have presence of mind and a strong will to fire a shot from the gun. That is why the cops undergo special training to handle weapons. However, the need for using a gun should be remote. Instead of that the government should concentrate on restricting the access of gun to miscreants and control the number of gun copies given to people. It is when the miscreants have arms that innocent lives are put to danger. However, even when common people start getting a gun then there is no difference between one from another and it is indirectly giving everyone the right to kill.

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Should Americans Have The Right To Bear Arms

History-Of-The-Right-To-Bear-Arms      The Right to Bear Arms, as stated in the Second Amendment, is an affirmation that the U.S. citizens have a fundamental right to own weapon (s) or firearms for their personal use or/and as a collective group. More..




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Should Americans Have The Right To Bear Arms )
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