History Of Voting Rights In The United States  

Voting right and its rules are pretty straight forward in the United States. However, the voting rights issue has been through several ups and down in the history of the US. The eligibility to vote for all people is always determined by the US federal and state laws. The laws clearly mention that only the citizens of the country can vote and not aliens or green card holders.

The country has come a far way from declaring voting rights to African American, women and today it is a democratic country in every sense. After the federal government started taking an active role in the US legislation the voting rights act was formed. A separate set of rules were formed in order to classify who can vote and what should be the legal age for voting.

The voting rights has been modified several times also after that. The article states that people irrespective of their religion can vote. Even race, color and earlier condition of servitude are no criteria for denying a person his or her right to vote.  People can vote free of these factors. People who are 18 years old or more can vote to the constituency and their voting rights cannot be infringed upon under any circumstances. Even if someone fails to pay the tax or any other poll tax can still vote. However, there are some people who are denied voting rights. In the US, prisoners are not given voting rights, and the same is also true for convicted and ex felons.

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History Of Voting Rights In The United States

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History Of Voting Rights In The United States )
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